It’s your time to shine…

You’ve been useful to the God Machine. You have gone on your missions, you have been successful, and your reward was stasis… constant stasis. Summoned as needed, but not allowed to roam free.

Well no more! You’ve broken free, you chose the Fall, you are Unchained and Unleashed. TIme is short, you must forge a cover or two, and you must go to ground. You can survive and become powerful, and you can even wage war against the one that will recycle you if it finds you. The Angels will hunt you, the infrastructure will ensnare you, and the Cultists will harass you… unless you can become your Cover so completely that they can not detect you. Survival is impossible alone, and impossible away from sources of Aether. Your last missions took all of you to Seattle. Strange things are happening here, the God Machine is having some major issues here. Are the Fallen winning? Is the God Machine just setting a trap? Or is a powerful Angelic Psychopomp failing miserably?

Hard to say. What you do know is the situation is ripe for you to spread your wings and grow powerful enough to protect yourselves…

Demon Seattle: bricks in the wall

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