Demon Seattle: bricks in the wall

Consuela's Justice

Our party gathers to assess the destruction of the concealment infrastructure at Teatro Zinzanni. With that out of the way its off the Ching Lao Brokers in Woodlawn to take out the Command and Control Infrastructure.

Using the UPS truck, our party assaults the pulverizer in the sweat shop below the business. Astareoth “Raizes” it, and manages to crawl to safety. The Logistical Infrastructure is a much different challenge. At Dock 7 all Hell breaks loose. The Hammer has to cope with a wet ladder some 100 feet in the air, Zuriel meets Sammy the Seagull and off he goes, Ionysus Enters the Matrix and refuses to leave it, leaving Astereoth and Rasuil must clean up the mess. They finally succeed.

Time to stop the elimination infrastructure and the creation of Groth the Destroyer. At the Bank tower, Ionysus shmoozes with Detective Roger Rollins, and Rasuil goes to the bathroom, where she almost dies. Consuela the Guardian Angel cleaning lady has a razor sharp squeegie and a spray bottle of 100% pure God Machine Essence. The fight is epic before Rasuil teleports away. Astareoth makes her way to the top level only to see Thath has mutilated Groth the Destroyer and chosen to fall. Then enters Consuela. Finally Thath kills Consuela.

FInally the true menace is named, Star Fire. The group meets with the Lord of VIsions who reveals that Star Fire can not leave Fremont (Ban) and Kamacite is her Bane (found in metoerites). The party steals the metal and plans to head to Bellevue to meet The Smith to complete the weapon.


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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