Demon Seattle: bricks in the wall

Severe consequences

Your demons have made themselves comfortable after their fall. The expectation of armies of angles hunting them down has subsided; they feel safe. This illusion falls quickly…

Contacted my Ted Smart, they are instructed to all meet at the Emerald Cup Coffee house in Belltown. Once they all arrive, Ted proves to be a demon named Mr. Silver, a handler for the Emerald City Agency. He had a flash drive with an Excel spreadsheet with the 5 names of out newly formed Demon ring that came from Severe Trading south of the Stadium District.

Our party outsmarts some pursuers and meets at Century Link Field. Once all are in the UPS van, they surveil the small trading business. After some interior scouting, Ionysius data streams inside and almost blows his Luke cover. With some quick thinking he hacks Peter Severe’s network and discovers that source is Ching Lao Brokers in Woodlawn. Does this connect to the import of the terra cotta statues? Is the powerful essence wielding vampire Thath involved? Answers will come, but at the cost of death!


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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