Demon Seattle: bricks in the wall

Unchained n the Emerald City

The God Machine churns, creates, destroys, recycles. You are far better than that. You know what time it really is, and its time to really spread those wings. However, you chose to fall, and now you are hunted. Mr. Silver has helped you form a ring; he’s good at this type of thing, he was a Messenger after all… now he’s a Tempter. But he’s been around for awhile, he knows the lay of the land, and more importantly he has connections to the Emerald City Agency.

Your particular ring all fell around the same time. Mr. Silver says that is a problem. The God-Machine always gets around to hunting the Fallen and recycling them, but when more than 3 fall at once, a Destroyer Angel is sure to be sent. Luckily Mr. Silver knows where the God-Machine is building the infrastructure to summon the Angel!


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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