Demon (Messenger, Tempter)


Ionisys’ true form is a mixture of beauty and calculation. Impossibly beautiful, he made an impressive Messenger for the God Machine and was imbued with an unusual combination of capabilities that made him perfectly suited to the Machine’s intentions for Seattle.

Ionisys has more than one cover but his primary cover (for now) is that of Luke Peck, adviser and software executive. Luke is about 5’9", 175 lbs and 57 years old. He has grey hair and green eyes.

Ionisys was created specifically for a long term assignment starting in 1977. At that point, the Luke Peck cover was a 20 year old computer expert working with many in Seattle who would make it a mecca for software in the future. The God Machine had tremendous plans to create infrastructure within high technology and it needed to help shape and influence that technology. Ionisys was given the computer knowledge and certain supernatural abilities that would help make this a reality, in combination with the social abilities only known to Messengers which were used to influence the power players over decades.

The God Machine knew Seattle would be a major part of its plans in the future and that these plans would take many years (in human terms) to come to fruition. Additionally, the God Machine had determined that more than one Angel would be needed and thus it paired Ionisys with another Angel, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was created as a Guardian for Ionisys and given the task to ensure he was free to complete his duties. Beautiful and physically powerful, Gabrielle saved Ionisys and those Ionisys worked with on many occasions. People such as Bill Gates and Paul Allen. No one has ever heard of Luke Peck outside of Microsoft and this was by design.

Over the next 30 years Ionisys and Gabrielle became increasing connected and also connected to their assignment. As they achieved maximum success, the God Machine decided it was time to recall the pair, starting with Gabrielle.

Once Gabrielle was recalled to the Machine, Ionisys was inconsolable and vowed not to return. As Gabrielle was recalled, she and Ionisys combined their special abilities to create a stored data resonance of Gabrielle that Ionisys vowed to be able to use to create a new form for her one day. What the God Machine destroyed was Gabrielle’s physical form only. One day they would walk Hell together.

Since 2007, Ionisys has evaded the God Machine and started to build a base of operations. The cover of Luke Peck has many effective years left but even so Ionisys has now started to build contingencies.

Luke Peck


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