Agencies of Seattle


Loyal Legion: existent since 1898 this ancient agency works aggressively to thwart the God Machine. Run by Mother Damnable, some say the 1898 splinter is a different Mother than the current one.

Demons Republic of Seattle: socialist society of Demons and Stigmatics based out of Fremont under Comrade West.

Emerald City Agency: pact masters and Intel Agency extraordinaire based out of downtown Seattle run by The Lord of Visions (or “Lord”).

The New Humanists: Demons that believe humanity must be kept safe from the God Machine, run by Miss Crisis and Mr. Razor.

The Four: an agency of Demons founded by the 4 Demons that fell with their Ciphers. They will help you find your keys and Interlocks… for a price. They are named One, Two, Three, and Dizang. Based out of the international district.


Agencies of Seattle

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