Aidan Hodge

Half-Angel Son of Asteraoth


Age: 16
Apparent Age: 16
Date of Birth: October 31st, 1998
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Scottish American
Height: 6’
Weight: 170lb.

Aidan possesses an otherworldly beauty. He is very athletic


Aidan Hodge

October 31st, 1998

From birth, Aidan has always been the perfect child. There isn’t one person who has come in contact with him that hasn’t referred to him as otherworldly attractive. He has always had a close relationship with both his parents. His mother (Sharon) has always been his comfort, and his father (Gerald (Asteraoth)) has always been a source of strength. The compliments don’t end there though, because little Aidan was walking at eight months and speaking by 13 months. It was obvious from the beginning that Aidan was a gifted child, if not rather quiet. Aidan is the half angel child of Sharon Peele and Gerald Hodge (Asteraoth.) At age four, he was reading at a fourth grade level. He attended the Villa Academy Private School, Seattle (PSK-8,) beginning 1st grade as a four year old. His classmates would refer to him before the teacher in most cases, and he was very popular with his female classmates. This would continue until the present. His achievements were astonishing and all his marks were exceeds expectations.

November 20th, 2007

It wasn’t until 6th grade that Aidan (age 9) realized just how different he was from his classmates. He began to see strange constructs and structures that seemed to glow. He felt the pulse of this energy source, and he realized that these strange structures were everywhere. He first thought that he was losing his mind. It was fortunate that his father was home before his mother, because the outcome of their conversation would have been drastically different. Aidan confided in his father about these strange structures and the glowing energy that radiated from them. Gerald consoled his son and told him that everything was going to be alright. Gerald told him about the God-Machine, and the structures were apart of it. He also told him that he was half-angel and half-human. Gerald held him and recognized that his child wasn’t crying or afraid. It was definitely his angel side that governed his emotions. Asteraoth venerated his child at this moment, not only because of such a traumatic revelation for his child to endure, but because of the way Aidan was handling the situation. Aidan realized that his father wouldn’t hold things from him now that the truth was out. Gerald told him that he would be able to manipulate the essence of the God-Machine in unique ways that would seem like he had magic powers. That thought delighted Aidan, and his father knew it. Asteraoth cautioned his child and told him to observe for now. Aidan guarded his secrets and finished school with honors.

September 5th, 2010

Aidan attended the O’dea High School in Seattle. This all-boys Catholic High School has an impeccable reputation. Attending this school was Aidan’s discovery of homosexuality. He remembered feelings for the same sex but never in such a profound way. He had many friends and the teachers were always astonished by his academic achievements. Aidan was a natural leader and he helped to organize many events, fundraisers, and extracurricular clubs and groups. He was well liked and so many of the students looked up to him, especially a boy named, Thomas. At the end of his senior year, Aidan was accepted into Harvard, where he will do his undergrad in Economics/Business.

Aidan Hodge

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