Alexis Peck

Daughter of Luke Peck (Ioniysis)


Alexis was born of Luke Peck’s original “cover wife”, Sondra Peck in 1983. While Sondra was mysteriously killed in 1985, Luke raised Alexis with the help of their nanny, Abby Lawrence (cover of the Angel Guardian, Gabrielle).

From the start, Alexis was both beautiful and exceptionally intelligence. She has also shown signs of “gifts” far beyond normal humans. Is this due to her demon/human mixed heritage?

Influenced by Abby’s Guardian nature, Alexis grew to believe she should protect the innocent and joined the military out of law school. She served in the JAG for 5 years before leaving the Navy in 2011 for the Seattle DA’s office. She felt she had to return home after Abby’s death in 2007 but was forced to serve out her commitment to the Navy.

By 1995, Abby clearly knew she was different and so were Luke and Abby. Later that year Luke let her in on the secret: both he and Abby were Angels. Abby is well aware of Luke’s background and his Fall to Demon and she offers unconditional support. She could clearly alert the God Machine at any time but would never dream of doing this.


Note: Alexis is the subject of Ioniysis’s “true friend” merit.

Alexis in training:


Alexis Peck

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