Between the Maharaja and Taco del Mar

Asteraoth's Bolthole



Asteraoth is no stranger to Cover, and the best way to protect that cover is to infiltrate some Infrastructure for herself. This Bolthole, although not the warmest place in the universe, is a protected little hideaway where all those dirty secrets can be stored and properly cataloged. There are various wards, chiefly a really nice one versus Angels. Time does not exist in this little happy 600 square foot abode and it is terribly hard for anyone to notice (-5 to search rolls.) The most useful accessory to this little domicile is that Asteraoth may access it from any closed door virtually anywhere. The original designation for this informal pad is in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square at the corner of 1st Avenue and Yesler, between the Maharaja and Taco del Mar.


Between the Maharaja and Taco del Mar

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