Cult of Ionisys

The Matrix Has You


The movie “The Matrix” garnered the interest of many as to the possibility that we’re plugged into a system and reality eludes us. In this reality we are free from the control of machines and whole once again. The movie called this place Zion. Demons call it Hell.

The demon Ionisys found himself in the unique position of appearing unwittingly to a human (Piers Conall) in his “Dataform” when he first fell in 2007. This, in the popular U.S. culture harkens back to Neo traveling through phone lines into the Matrix. This event opened the Piers’ eyes to a broader world. Suddenly, gears and cogs of the God Machine were visible to him as a Stimata and he knew the truth: the Matrix had him.

From this point forward Piers knew he had to help others see the truth and follow the only one brave enough to show them: the mighty demon Ionisys.

As a former SAS intelligence officer and now owner of an executive security company, Piers knew it would take an array of talent to succeed in their quest supporting Ionisys and his worthy goal of retrieving his demon wife, Gabrielle. He began finding others of like mind and indoctrinating them into the ways of Ionisys.



Cult of Ionisys

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