Four Seasons Condo

Gerald's Residence



2700 square foot, well appointed 3 bedroom 3.5 bath condominium in the heart of Pioneer Place. $3million



June 5th, 2010

Gerald and Sharon purchased this condo after Aidan went into high school to lighten the commute and give them a chance to try and reconcile their marriage. Although there were many happy times in this part of their lives, there was still an undeniable detachment from the norm. Sharon had to fill her schedule. There wasn’t a part of the day that wasn’t accountable in her schedule. She processed things like a machine. Gerald (Asteraoth) was pleased that his wife was behaving so unemotionally and regimented. What he didn’t realize was she was trying her best to act just like him to provoke arguments and try, albeit passive aggressive, to make him angry. This trial period lasted for about a year and Gerald realized that he wanted to leave her. Sharon moved in with her parents on Mercer Island and Aidan visits Gerald some holidays and weekends. Asteraoth loves being centrally located in Seattle. It makes destroying Infrastructure, stirring up false schemes, and staging elaborate smoke screens an easier task.


Four Seasons Condo

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