Demon Seattle: bricks in the wall

Unchained n the Emerald City

The God Machine churns, creates, destroys, recycles. You are far better than that. You know what time it really is, and its time to really spread those wings. However, you chose to fall, and now you are hunted. Mr. Silver has helped you form a ring; he’s good at this type of thing, he was a Messenger after all… now he’s a Tempter. But he’s been around for awhile, he knows the lay of the land, and more importantly he has connections to the Emerald City Agency.

Your particular ring all fell around the same time. Mr. Silver says that is a problem. The God-Machine always gets around to hunting the Fallen and recycling them, but when more than 3 fall at once, a Destroyer Angel is sure to be sent. Luckily Mr. Silver knows where the God-Machine is building the infrastructure to summon the Angel!

Severe consequences

Your demons have made themselves comfortable after their fall. The expectation of armies of angles hunting them down has subsided; they feel safe. This illusion falls quickly…

Contacted my Ted Smart, they are instructed to all meet at the Emerald Cup Coffee house in Belltown. Once they all arrive, Ted proves to be a demon named Mr. Silver, a handler for the Emerald City Agency. He had a flash drive with an Excel spreadsheet with the 5 names of out newly formed Demon ring that came from Severe Trading south of the Stadium District.

Our party outsmarts some pursuers and meets at Century Link Field. Once all are in the UPS van, they surveil the small trading business. After some interior scouting, Ionysius data streams inside and almost blows his Luke cover. With some quick thinking he hacks Peter Severe’s network and discovers that source is Ching Lao Brokers in Woodlawn. Does this connect to the import of the terra cotta statues? Is the powerful essence wielding vampire Thath involved? Answers will come, but at the cost of death!

Bringing down the Infrastructure

Our party meets Mr. Silver at Hell on Earth. They now have the chance to rub elbows with the more established Fallen in Seattle. They also meet The Gerent who claims to be thousands of years old.

Plans are made to interrogate the Demon who sold them out (amongst others) named the Siliqueen. She is posted up with her Cult at the Four Seasons. The Emerald CIty Agency has her daughter Lisa Mason held captive.

The Four Seasons recon does not go smoothly, but after some rough times they manage to get her room number info. Upstairs, they are able to distract the body guards and capture The Siliqueen. Down in her Cult Chambers in the Basement, Ionysus gets her to confess to the fact that she uses her Interlock to find new Fallen and turn them over to Thath the Angel.

With this new info, they also gather the location of all 4 Infrastructure locations for the Occult Matrix to dispose of our party. After some chaos at the Bank Tower, they decide to shift targets to the Teatro Zinzani.

In order to remove the hard copy files, our party travels back to 1999 in a time splinter to stop Peter Severe as he gathers them as a newly visioned Stigmatic. At Rainer Brewery they are able to get the files from him which saves the lives of 2 Fallen.

At the Teatro Zinzani, our group takes in a show and Ionysus makes his move and breaks the decanter linchpin. Amidst the chaoes they flee, safely out of harms way…

Consuela's Justice

Our party gathers to assess the destruction of the concealment infrastructure at Teatro Zinzanni. With that out of the way its off the Ching Lao Brokers in Woodlawn to take out the Command and Control Infrastructure.

Using the UPS truck, our party assaults the pulverizer in the sweat shop below the business. Astareoth “Raizes” it, and manages to crawl to safety. The Logistical Infrastructure is a much different challenge. At Dock 7 all Hell breaks loose. The Hammer has to cope with a wet ladder some 100 feet in the air, Zuriel meets Sammy the Seagull and off he goes, Ionysus Enters the Matrix and refuses to leave it, leaving Astereoth and Rasuil must clean up the mess. They finally succeed.

Time to stop the elimination infrastructure and the creation of Groth the Destroyer. At the Bank tower, Ionysus shmoozes with Detective Roger Rollins, and Rasuil goes to the bathroom, where she almost dies. Consuela the Guardian Angel cleaning lady has a razor sharp squeegie and a spray bottle of 100% pure God Machine Essence. The fight is epic before Rasuil teleports away. Astareoth makes her way to the top level only to see Thath has mutilated Groth the Destroyer and chosen to fall. Then enters Consuela. Finally Thath kills Consuela.

FInally the true menace is named, Star Fire. The group meets with the Lord of VIsions who reveals that Star Fire can not leave Fremont (Ban) and Kamacite is her Bane (found in metoerites). The party steals the metal and plans to head to Bellevue to meet The Smith to complete the weapon.


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