Demon (Psychopomp Saboteur)


Gerald Hodge (Cover)
Age: 34
Height: 6’2"
Eyes: blue
Hair: red
Sex: male




There are no measures or limits that Asteraoth would go to in the service of the God-Machine. A dutiful Psychopomp with a tenacious fervor for collecting any materials, real estate, souls, humans, spirits, and any and all manner of exotic elements, she always did concise efficient work in a timely manner. The God-Machine never rewarded or praised her work, that wasn’t in its nature to do, but Asteraoth remained in the service of the GM for over a century. She was a faithful servant until her mission brought her to not-so-sunny Seattle, Washington.

Gerald Hodge (1980-present)

Her intended purpose landed her in the body of a teenager named Gerald Hodge. He just finished his MBA at the Harvard Business School, and after a long summer abroad, started an internship at the highly lauded Exvere: Private Investment Banking: Exvere advises privately-held businesses on capital transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and recapitalization. Gerald began his career in the banking firm at age eighteen, but the God-Machine had other plans for his life. Asteraoth assumed her cover as Gerald and began subtly manipulating all business transactions for the God-Machine’s designs. She helped to shape vast Infrastructure and through the years became more and more proud of her designs for the God-Machine. Gerald’s life was a perfect Cover for Asteraoth. He was part of a vastly wealthy family, he had a budding career in investment banking, his high school sweetheart, Sharon Peele, married him and they were expecting a baby. And all of this was surrounded by serving her master with an untouchable efficiency. Through the years, Asteraoth started to feel very proud of her accomplishments. She began to wonder if she could perform for the God-Machine without being given orders to do so. She was beginning to wonder what the purpose of all these materials and stuffs were for and how they all fit together in the grand scheme of the God-Machine’s will. For sixteen years Asteraoth did as she was commanded without fail. She became exceedingly talented at getting the jobs done very quickly. Her logical approach and refined ability to see past extraneous details made her the perfect Psychopomp.


Gerald’s marriage to Sharon was becoming more and more distant with each new project given to him. The God-Machine doesn’t tolerate failure, and the tasks are usually time-sensitive, elaborate, and lengthy. Gerald met each task with typical zeal, but his Cover was suffering. The God-Machine decides that Gerald will divorce his wife and maintain contact with their son, Aidan(16.) The God-Machine has plans for Sharon’s father’s company and the divorce will start the ball rolling. Asteraoth knew what the orders were and knew how to quickly execute them, but there was a subtle pause in her actions. Sharon didn’t take the news well. She flew into a rage and started breaking things all through the house. She questioned Gerald’s motives, asking if it was someone else. She asked what he thought of what this would do to his son. She was inconsolable and angry, but she knew her husband was resolute. She knew that arguing or getting angry wouldn’t change anything. She left without another word and took Aidan with her. The divorce was amicable. Gerald set up a trust for Aidan and sees him at least twice a month. Asteraoth didn’t understand her pause when considering Aidan’s well being. In truth, she had fathered this child to secure her Cover.
Mergers and Acquisitions wouldn’t be the same without Gerald Hodge. Gerald set the bar for efficiency and the firms reputation rests comfortably in its huge profits. October 10, 2014 began a new account and a new task for the God-Machine. Gerald received paperwork for the new acquisition, and it was an initial shock that would paint this new assignment in a totally new light. The God-Machine wants Sharon Peele’s Father’s company. It wants the top three board members to be slain, while a series of towers are erected around the monolithic 55-story 1201 third avenue skyscraper. And it wants Aidan to be slain as well. Asteraoth had all the components to set into place. The time was flawless. The construction was set in motion. The zoning was approved. The lawyers were filing briefs and all was on schedule. The last details of the human sacrifices were put into place. Aidan, her/his son, was drugged and placed in a single-room chamber, ten stories below in the underground parking garage. All the tools for the job were present, but Asteraoth felt that tugging pause again. She began to question her duties. She wondered if killing her son would mean something to anyone, other than her Cover family. She wondered if any of her assignments meant anything at all…

Frances Polo (Cover)



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